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Why You Should Consider Ultrasonic Testing Training As A Career

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Ultrasonic testing training is specifically used to test metal material to identify any imperfections in the materials as well as any changes that occur in those materials. This type of ultrasound testing is not related to ultrasound testing in health care. On the contrary, ultrasonic testing training addresses ultrasonic techniques in industrial ultrasonic testing applications. You are preparing for a possible career in automotive, aerospace or structural steel material among other metal materials as well.

Purpose Of Your Training

Safety of metal material is a crucial factor. Buildings and oil and gas pipelines must be without flaws or imperfections, since any imperfection whatsoever can lead to structural collapses and failures of catastrophic proportions. So the components being tested must ensure problem-free materials. Your training in this field of industrial ultrasonic testing equips you with skills to manage the testings.

What You Will Learn

You are going to learn about different testing methods. While in the past a pulse echo ultrasound method has been used to identify cracks in materials being tested, technology has advanced to newer advanced testing such as phased array testing. This is a computerized-guided process wherein 3D-guided technology shows an image of what you are testing. This 3D technology not only identifies that there is an imperfection in the material but also allows you to pinpoint details about exact height and length of the identified defect. The software allows you to capture various angles with the use of different transducers and has the capacity to also control each beam being used at the same time.

Pipe Welding Testing

Your training will involve automated ultrasonic testing that's often used to test pipe welding. Phased array ultrasonic transducers are used in this testing method. You will be trained about how to strap the transducers around each side of the weld joint. Automated machinery is introduced to rotate the transducers around the boundary line of the pipe, and the software analyzes the area to identify any possible existing defects.

Gaining The Interest Of Middle And High School Students

Manufacturers are using their ultrasonic-driven industry to expose young students to the industry. Middle school and high school grade level students are being invited to register for visits and even speak to their vocational counselors about visiting manufacturing sites. Parents are invited to visit with their kids and learn about this type of career option for the good of your children.

A Practical Option For Sure Employment Post High School

Yes college is still an important educational step to take. However, some students prefer hands-on technology types of careers. They feel that they will derive more satisfaction in doing so rather than being forced to go to college. There are well-paying technical jobs in America in this field. Your training in ultrasound testing assures you that a job will be waiting for you when you graduate from high school.

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