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Are You Having Trouble Learning English?

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Have you recently moved to the United States? Did your entire family relocate to one of the fifty states in the USA, or are you here by yourself, perhaps with a company transfer or as a foreign student. No matter the reason that you have moved away from your country, you are more than likely experiencing different feelings. On the one hand, you might be missing friends and family members you left behind. In fact, you might even be missing the traditional foods of your country.

On the other hand, you are probably looking forward to meeting new people and to having new adventures in the United States. One of those adventures might actually be in learning English. Have you discovered that it's a difficult language to learn? If so, from attending an English as a second language class to joining groups where only English is spoken, here are some ideas that might help you.

English As A Second Language - You've probably already heard about ESL classes, right? If not, you'll probably be very happy to learn that there are special classes available to those who are trying to learn English. You might even find free ESL classes, maybe at your local library or at one of the public schools in your area. In ESL classes you'll learn vocabulary words and how to put them together correctly.

For example, you might learn the words, delicious, restaurant, and food. In ESL class you will learn how to take those words and make them into a sentence like, Where can I find a restaurant that serves delicious food? You'll have the opportunity to have conversations with other students in the class. Your ESL teacher will more than likely encourage you to use whatever English you have learned every chance you get.

Groups You Can Join - It might be tempting to get with other people who speak your native tongue. Besides doing that, however, consider joining groups where English is the main language spoken. For example, if you attend church, there will probably be parishes where your language is spoken at meetings.

Instead of attending those church meetings, think of going to a church where only English is spoken. Think of joining groups of people who share your same interests. For example, if you love to knit, consider taking a knitting class where you'll be able to practice your English skills with people who will more than likely be patient as you try your new language on them.

For more information, contact a company that offers ESL programs in your area.